About us

Corazón de Frida

Corazón de Frida is a special place that will take you back to the depths of Mexican culture and bring back those fond memories of childhood. Located in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Corazón de Frida Mexican Cantina promises to be the best meeting point to have a good time and enjoy delicious family recipes and spectacular drinks.

It all started with a dream. The desire of a hard-working and determined young man to succeed and achieve what he was most passionate about, having his restaurant. His name is Eric Brambila and he desires to bring a piece of his Mexican culture to your table. Having worked from a young age in the restaurant industry, and coming from a long family tradition of restaurant owners, Eric has acquired the experience and mastery of what is the first-class service. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Eric has managed to keep his beautiful culture alive and share his roots and traditions through the creation of spectacular and delicious dishes.

Corazón de Frida Mexican Cantina is a new concept that has been developing over time in the mind of this entrepreneur and passionate businessman.

For Eric, Corazón de Frida represents a dream come true. For his clients, it represents a journey to the very heart of Mexico. The exhilarating aroma of homemade food, the delicious taste of fresh ingredients, rich sauces, and fantastic drinks will be served right at your table to the delight of your palate. Erick has managed to collect a perfect balance of traditional Mexican flavors in the creation of his dishes.

Our dishes are spectacular. How do we know? Because that is what is expressed by the hundreds of customers who every day leave our restaurant satisfied. Our heart is set on delivering a service of excellence and quality. We have put our hearts into creating the best dishes. Our servings are huge, always served with a distinctive Mexican flair.

We have a diverse menu full of options where the authentic flavors of our cuisine merge. You can choose from a wide variety of tacos like Tokyo tacos, Carne Asada tacos, and a Baja Fish tacos, among many others, all cooked to perfection. We recommend trying our popular Chicken Mole, our traditional huevos rancheros, or exquisite guacamole. Give your favorite dishes a special accent with any of our delicious sauces such as our homemade salsa verde, chipotle sauce, habanero sauce, and fire-roasted tomato traditional salsa.

Also, we pride ourselves on the quality of service offered by our employees. Our employees are friendly, attentive, and full of positive energy. They are always willing to give you a hearty welcome and help you with your selection by providing the right menu suggestions.

We are proud to introduce an innovative concept which merges a modern, youthful and friendly restaurant-style with the traditional essence of Mexico. At Corazón de Frida, you will be able to enjoy a casual and relaxed atmosphere in which you will have the chance to taste the best authentic Mexican food, delicious cocktails, and wonderful handcrafted margaritas, everything surrounded by pleasant and enjoyable music.

Corazón de Frida Mexican Cantina is aimed and focussed on capturing the essence of Mexican cuisine. Our commitment is to capture the flavor and aroma of each one of the fresh and unique ingredients of Mexican cuisine to use them in the creation of exquisite and perfectly balanced dishes that perpetuate our tradition. Our greatest desire is to make your experience what it means to enjoy a delicious homemade Mexican meal. Our mission is to make our customers feel satisfied and comfortable as if they were at home. 

We want to make a perfect impression, and offer you the best satisfaction guarantee, so that you always decide to come back. We want to be your first choice when it comes to traditional Mexican food. This is the best way to ensure that we are doing it right.